CPD Conferencing


CPD Conferencing

Do you work in a profession that requires CPD hours? Join our annual CPD conference organised by our subsidiary, CPD Conferencing Pty Ltd, which specialises in organising high quality CPD Conferences in fabulous locations. Since 2012 we have organised over ten CPD conferences in Whistler, BC; Fiji; Borneo; Park City Canyons, Utah; and Aspen Snowmass, Colarado.

Click here to learn more about our January 2021 CPD Conference in Aspen Snowmass

If you have the presenters, the delegates and a proposed destination let us help you organise your own CPD conference, we will do the logistics to make your conference run smoothly. Since 2012 we have facilitated conferences in Beijing, China; Xi’an, China; North Sumatra, Indonesia; Hunan, China; and Honolulu, USA

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