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Corporate travel

At Wall Street Travel we are aware business travellers require flexibility and must work within a budget. Due to our creative planning skills we understand the cheapest fare is not always the best. We draw on our many years of experience to construct options by slight variations in schedules or itinerary; these can at times deliver significant savings.  Suggestions and options we will provide will be made to suit your individual travel requirements and this will assist you to make an informed decision on how you will travel.

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Holiday travel

Holidays should be full of fun and without stress, especially in the planning. The team at Wall Street Travel will work with you to create a unique holiday for you.  We all know everyone’s needs are different. One size does not fit all and each persons requirements and idea of a holiday are very different. At Wall Street Travel we pride ourselves on finding that difference and creating the unique holidays.

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The consultants at Wall Street Travel can assist to create a unique and special honeymoon for you and your new life partner. There are so many options to consider, we will help you design a special honeymoon for both of you. Your honeymoon should be based on your dreams and be a time you will remember for years to come.

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Cruises & tours

Wall Street Travel works with most of the major cruise and tour companies and we have experiences with some you might never have even heard of. Just tell us where and when, and then we will show you how it can be done.

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Luxury travel

Whether it’s a picture perfect 5-star trip around the world with all the trimmings or a quick tropical island luxury escape, there are many options available for personal and luxury travel these days.

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Intergenerational travel

At Wall Street Travel we specialise in organising intergenerational holidays. We help families celebrate those special milestones. We gather the family from far and near, with as little stress as possible.  Talk to us about your vision and we will make it happen.

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CPD Conferencing

Do you work in a profession that requires CPD hours? Join our annual CPD conference organised by our subsidiary, CPD Conferencing Pty Ltd, which specialises in organising high quality CPD Conferences in fabulous locations.

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Tell us what you need & we will try to get it for you.

We cannot promise but are always happy to try! We are successful more often than not, if you give us a chance. If you don’t ask, we can’t help.


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